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A Visit with TR
An 80 minute two act performance 
In the first act you meet the Colonel in 1912 fresh from his African Safari and European Tour. Theodore Roosevelt reminisces about his childhood, the West, the Spanish American War and other events that shaped his life.
In act two, the public man takes the stage and "throws his hat into the ring". Denied the Republican nomination he bolts the party and leads the National Progressive Party on the campaign trail.  One section is adapted to fit your locality. The dramatic finish is pure TR.
  other programs are available

A Press Conference with TR
TR on Conservation   &  more
tailored to your needs
"We had a wonderful time with you and wanted to thank you once again for your "bully" great performance. We are still receiving warm and positive comments. We all learned something new about TR that night and your program certainly sparked lots of renewed interest in TR locally. It was truly a memorable evening"
Felicia Cogley, Hastings Public Library, Hastings NE
Steamboat Captain Grant Marsh
Grant Marsh is famous for his piloting of the Far West from the Big Horn to Bismarck in record time bringing the sad news of Custer's defeat to the world. 
Welcome to the age of steam when the rivers of the West were busy arteries of commerce, communication and western expansion.

Always entertaining, enlightening and affordable.
Champion Buffalo Hunter Vic Smith
Yellowstone Vic led the colorful life of a frontiersman and hunter during the West's coming of age. As a hunter, scout and dispatch rider Smith is associated with the outstanding events and men of his era. Based on his memoirs, this presentation uses Smith's own words in this poignant and often humorous program. Actor Arch Ellwein skillfully tells the stories of the Champion Buffalo Hunter in a realistic, down-to-earth style that harkens to an earlier time when life was perilous and great herds blackened the Great Plains.
Contact me for pricing and private contracts. Program grants are also available through the Montana Speakers Bureau sponsored by Humanities Montana and the South Dakota Humanities Council and would be eligible for funding through other arts and humanities program grants.
email arch @midrivers.com     1-406-488-5109
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Sgt. John Ordway of the 
Lewis & Clark Expedition.
Sgt. Ordway is the only member of the expedition to have a journal entry every single day...to the Pacific Coast and back.
Meet Sgt. Ordway in 1813, seven years after his epic journey with the Captains. Fascinating insight on the expedition and it's aftermath.
"Thanks again for such an energizing and educational program at our All Employees Day. You hit the mark with our theme for the day"
Kevin B. Elliot, Forest Spervisor
Ashley Natl Forest   Vernal, UT
Wagon Master James Liberty Fisk
Captain Fisk guided four
 wagon trains from Minnesota 
to the Montana gold fields
 from 1862 to 1866. 
Learn about the Northern Plains 
during the Civil War. 
The audience is encouraged 
to join the next great
 wagon train. Ho for Montana!
H.G. Wells
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
Meet the amazing H.G. Wells, the author of 161 books and creator of "The Time Machine", "The Invisible Man" and "The War of the Worlds".
Set in 1940. Approximately 50 min.
2016 is the 150th anniversary of his birth Sept. 21st
Tea with H.G. flexible length, intimate
TR at
Sagamore Hill                      L.I., NY