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from Adcom of Montana
Theodore Roosevelt
Actor Arch Ellwein presents a riveting first person portrayal of the 26th President of the United States.
Fun and inspirational (see photos on other pages)
"I begin the program as myself and prepare the audience by explaining TR's idiosyncracies. Then I BECOME Theodore in 1911. After charging around the room shaking hands TR recalls his sickly childhood and events that bring him to the Presidency. This is followed by the dramatic bear hunt and the comical origin of the Teddy Bear. Character is the theme of the motivational finish.
I come out of character at the conclusion to field any questions in time remaining."
An Anti-Bullying Message
TR stood down bullies all his life even as President. Observe National Bully Prevention Month in October by also observing TRs birthdate, October 27, 1858.
Movie Magic Makeup
Actor, director and designer Arch Ellwein shares Hollywood special effects makeup secrets and transforms volunteers with startling results!
Believe It or Not...It's Science !
Arch presents hard-to-believe visual effects and an exciting introduction to Earth Science, electricity and magnetism. Special props include a REAL tooth from a 70 million years old Spinosaurus and a REAL meteorite. A real crowd pleaser.
Sgt. John Ordway of the Lewis & Clark Expedition
This first person portrayal is set in 1813, seven years after the return of the expedition. Fascinating insight of the aftermath. Props include furs, a replica flintlock rifle and a grizzly claw!
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Kids of all ages are fascinated by 
Movie Magic Makeup
Young students are captivated with Sgt. Ordway
"The students really enjoyed the program. Volunteers kept the makeup on for the rest of the day!" -  Griggs Co. Central Cooperstown ND

"Spellbound" - Medicine Lake School
 Medicine Lake MT

"Excellent - great hands on opportunity at end of program." - James Knoll Elementary, Ortonville MN

"This Teddy Roosevelt was actually an actor, Arch Ellwein has the uncanny ability for acting. The twist is, he can act like Roosevelt to an amazing degree...It was like he was actually in the building." - Northwestern E.S., Aberdeen SD
"I just wanted to send you a short note to say thank you for the wonderful presentation to our boys (and their siblings)!
I talked to several of the Scouts individually and they all said they really, really enjoyed your show. The parents were equally pleased that the boys were not only entertained, but also getting science education at the same time. It was a win-win event for everyone" - Beth Ross, Cub Scout Banquet Organizer, Laurel MT