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If you notice that Arch will be in your area it would be an opportune time to book a performance as we can save on expenses.
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TR Quote 
"The first requisite of a good citizen in this Republic of ours is that he should be able and willing to pull his weight."
H.G. Wells Quote
"Do not allow the calendar and clock to blind you to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery."
"The Man Who Saw Tomorrow - H.G. Wells"  
2017 (1917) is the anniversary of America's involvement in WWI and H.G. predicted it all!
Humanities Montana in the Schools is a new program to help bring programming to students. This program is virtually free gratis to schools and you can book Arch by applying at www.humanitiesmontana.org
Arch is now listed with the South Dakota Humanities Council's Speakers Bureau see the SDHC website at www.sdhumanities.org
Performance fees range from $300 - $1500 plus expenses


May 27 & 28  History Alive!  Sgt. Ordway                                      Fort Buford ND
June 3   & 4               Vic Smith                                                      Fort Sisseton SD
*June 5                Elderhostel Program    Sgt Ordway                          Pierre SD
June 10 & 11        History Alive!   Capt. Marsh                               Fort Buford ND
June 12-17 Footlights & Greasepaint Youth Theatre Retreat              Sidney MT
June 24 & 25                                  Capt Marsh                            Fort Stevenson ND
June 27 & 28   Believe It or Not...It's Science!                              Helena  MT E. Helena
                                                                                                    Augusta, Lincoln
July 2                  Sgt. Ordway    RIDE Event                               Roundup MT
July 5-8              Mini Theatre Camp                                               Sidney MT
July 8            Hi De Ho with Lewis & Clark  Sunrise Festival of the Arts
July 13                  Elderhostel                                                         Pierre SD
July 14                     Capt Marsh                                                      Pierre SD
July 15                            TR   Gathering                                        Medora ND
July 20                   Sgt. Ordway   Westerrn Heritage Center            Billings MT
July 21                   Sgt Ordway  Canton Church                             Townsend MT
July 21                   Sgt Ordway                                    Lewis & Clark Caverns MT
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TR at the Fort Seward Wagon Train, Jamestown ND
Captain Marsh filming at Fort Buford
TR in St. Louis Burr Woods 
Nature Center
Sgt. John Ordway of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
school assembly
Buffalo Hunter Yellowstone Vic Smith at Fort Sisseton June 2017
"It's Science" 2013-14 School Tour
James Liberty Fisk
Potter County Library, Gettysburg SD
TR with Anatasia and teddy
TR and Honest Abe
at the Living History Fair
Watertown SD Jan 2017
Cast of "Dead Men Don't Need Dress Rehearsal"
at the Sidney Elks Club March 10, 2017
April 2017 on the Natchez Trace
MS,AL,TN It was a little wet in places.
TR at 2017 School Tour  Devils Lake ND